Our Programs


“Once Upon My Life”

This program uses the art of storytelling to teach youth, adults, and families of individuals with disabilities how to articulate and tell the story of their lives. We conduct workshops that teach the components of using art forms like photography, films, and the spoken word to tell our story of disability. The purpose is to teach and mentor people with disabilities and their families to be empowered by their story, and advocate for their disability rights in their communities and across the United States and the world.


“Common Threads”

This programs uses art forms to provide peer supports and access to information and community resources for youth, adults, and families of individuals with newly acquired disabilities. Volunteers work with hospitals, residential communities, and community providers to share the use of art forms like storytelling, film, photography, and drawing to enable participants to accept their disability as empowering in their lives. 


“The Story of the Independent Living Disability Movement-Then and Now”

This project is creating through photography and film art forms, the memorialization of the “Independent Living Movement” from its beginnings to where it currently stands in our communities in Missouri, the country, and the world. The “Independent Living Movement” has created self-determination, empowerment, and given a voice to the disability community in the world. This voice creates independence, happiness, and gives people with disabilities the choice to live their lives the way they choose and want to live.